Tilt Shift Focus HD App Reviews

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should have read the reviews first

like everyone else who's complaining, i can't access my photos... wouldn't have spent the money if i had seen that first... don't buy this until they fix it... one star and two 👎👎

Don't work on iPad Air

Can't open and load photos from my pictures. Need update for HD.

Wait for an update!

Cannot access photo library on iPad in this current version. Makes the application far from useful at this time. Will update this review after an update in version.

I can't access my photos

Ever since I updated my iOS I haven't been able to upload photos in tilt shift program from my photo library. Any patches for this. Tilt shift focus HD will not access my photo library on my iPad.


one of the few apps I bought and deleted from my iPad. The free shift tilt gen. works much better and I'd gladly give them a few bucks for all times I used theirs. stay clear of this.


You can make just 1 photo then Error again and again and again. Plz fix ...!!!!

Not Enough Control

This app does not give you enough control over luminance, chroma and contrast. If you make a change to any one of these, the difference in the picture is huge with no way to implement subtle tweaks.

Not All That Impressed

I agree with the other comments that an undo button would be helpful. I found the effects to be somewhat limited. They look great if you have just the right photo otherwise it is kind of boring.

Where the heck is the undo button

How could you make a photo editing software without a undo button? So ou want me to apply a filter, then if it's not what I want I have to start completely over again. Don't buy, I was cheated

It's alright, room for improvement

This app has helped me create cute picture effects but it is with extra work on my end. It has crashed 3 times since I downloaded it an hour ago. Also, there should be an option for selecting the size of the photo you want to save. It's could be really nice with a little more work. :)

Very good for the limited things it does

This app has some very nice features andbproduce some decent tilt generation effects, but they are almost all hobbled by the unintuitive interface, the near complete lack of explanation for any of the controls, and the complete absence of an "Undo" function. This app has potential but as of now, it is far from reaching it. I would have rated it two stars instead of three but even with the crippling deficencies listed above, I was somewhat pleased with several of the photos I was able to edit. For now, I'll stick with another great (and feature mature) tilt shift generation app available that I previously bought here on iTunes.

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